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Nov 2 2016 Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our monthly meeting. It will be held in Conference Room CCS3 at 1800 hrs. The meeting will be held in the SCAQMD Building

South Coast Air Quality Management District
21865 Copley Dr
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Hugh N6SAY Services

Our Club has lost a good friend, he will be sadly missed.

Our Club has lost a good friend, he will be sadly missed.

August Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be held Wed, 3 Aug 2016 at 1800hrs, Diamond Bar AQMD Building. See you there!

Field Day 2016

This is a reminder that Field Day 2016 will be held the weekend of June 25-26 (it officially starts Saturday 6/25 @ 11 AM). The location is posted to the ARRL site locator, just look up W6SCE. This is our usual place at the Diamond Bar Recreation Center on 1600 Grand Avenue, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. Most of us will be showing up earlier to setup. Please feel free to join us!

System is Restored and Operating!

The Santiago Peak machines have been repaired and the system is back up for relatively normal operation.

Please remember to check in to the net, Thursdays at 20:00 (8PM) local time.

Santiago Peak 220 Down

A large Edison party went to Santiago Peak on Thursday, Feburary 11 to work on several things including the EARN system. Hugh Headly and I did some troubleshooting and found the 220 receiver was completely deaf; probably due to electrical damage. Board level diagnostics discovered a receive transistor with a dead short from base to emitter and, unfortunately, we did not have spares to attempt a field repair. The repeater was removed from the site while we attempt to find parts for repair. The 440 repeater is still operational.

-bb de kg6ygc
EARN President

EARN System is Now Operational

The 220 system, controller, and 440 remote base are operational.   Shirley and Musick are still down.  Enjoy the system.

73 de kg6ygc


EARN Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be on Wednesday, December 2, at 1800 hrs (6PM) in the SCAQMD Building, Diamond Bar.  Hope to see you all there.

73 de KG6YGC


EARN President

EARN SoCal 220 System is DOWN

The system is currently fractured impacting the SOCAL part of the system including Santiago. Here is the update  we received from David KE6WYM this morning:

  • Link 5 is off.
  • The Red Mount Repeater is off in the Las Vegas area,
  • Xmas tree is isolated but working.
  • Link 4 is isolated from Cactus to Blyth, and working.
  • Link 1 Oat is isolated & working,
  • Rincon is constant transmit.
  • Link 2 Oak & Shirley are isolated & both are operating isolated.
  • Link 3 Ord  & White are isolated & paired

EARN Repeater System Update

Here is the current status of many of the EARN repeaters that make up the system:

Cleaned the switches on the PL board. PL started working, and has been working for the last week. Checked power out, cavity tuning, antenna VSWR. Set audio levels to try and get Oak to sound like the other repeaters (it has been very hot). It is still a little hot, but sounds better.

The 440 repeater had not been working for some time, but it recovered on its own after the big storm came through. When it transmitted it had a tone (1500Hz) on it. When I did my initial visual check of the repeater I found the transmit connector was just pushed onto the connector and the shell was not tightened down. After tightening the shell, the tone went away. The 440 repeater is working good. Contractors were at the sight. They added a new antenna at the top of the tower for our 220 receiver. The original antenna is at mid level and attached to the transmitter. Verified cavity tuning, VSWR, and output power on the 220 repeater. Set the levels for the DTMF decoders to try and make them more reliable. Seemed to work. We also checked the Remote Base linking between the 220 and 440 repeaters, however we were using handhelds and each of us thought that the other was using a 220 handheld. We were both using 440 handhelds. It turns out that the 440 will not key up the 220, so it is operating one-way at this time. I think that the contractors may have removed the PTT circuit that was hanging between the racks, and forgot to replace it. Or, because it doesn’t meet SCE construction standards, they may just have removed it. Something for the next trip. The AC power to the repeaters has been rewired. It now feeds from an overhead (twist-lock) J-box. There is a power distribution panel in the rack to plug in the repeaters and other AC powered equipment. There is no indication that the AC is backed up when the SCE power fails. There is no inverter available to operate the EARN equipment.

Charlie reports that Red is not working. He was unable to key it up while in Las Vegas.

Xmas Tree:
There was work being done at the site last week and the link went down. It has not recovered. When the link is turned up at Santiago the system goes into constant transmit, and while we were at Santiago we observed that there is no 2600 Hz hold tone coming from Xmas Tree.

Charlie reports that the repeater is working standalone. He was not able to function any remote repeaters and no one answered his calls.

Went down during the storm, but has recovered.
Hugh N6SAY